Are NFT’s Use Cases Limited To Ethereum Gaming And Collectibles?

Imagine a world where every retail store sells items — not via bar codes but via tokenized assets. Meaning —every item of value has an NFT representing it; if you have a Prada purse and I say “Wow is that really a Prada?” your response would be to show the NFT representing your Prada and verify that it is the wallet address of the purse. Or when checking out and purchasing an item from the store— the cashier scans items via the address of the NFT and not by their barcode.
This is only one example and could be expanded on so much further — that is why it is so hard to grasp the future impact of NFTs on our world.
The changes to the way we interact with businesses could be vastly revolutionized if NFTs reached global adoption. This is, once again, why many people say NFTs will bring the next wave of adoption to the blockchain. They just have so many use cases and impacts — how could they not be mass adopted?