Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide

Getting Started with Mintology APIs

Welcome to the Mintology APIs! As you embark on your journey to integrate and interact with our robust suite of APIs, there are some key items and information you'll need to have on hand. We've designed our APIs with ease of use in mind, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for developers.

Getting started

Basic Pre-requisites

Before making any API calls, ensure you're authorized. Include the following headers in your API requests.

  "Api-Key": "YOUR_API_KEY"

To find out how to get your API Key and other pre-requisites, look through Pre-requisites:

Creating Projects

Creating a project is the initial step to operate on the Mintology platform. A project acts as a container for your NFTs and associated operations.

In your project, you can use three types of Smart Contract:

  • Shared

    Mint to the Mintology shared contract. Your NFTs will be visible in the shared Mintology store.
  • Dedicated

    Create dedicated contract for your NFTs. You will have your own store on our marketplace.
  • Existing

    Mint your NFTs to your existing smart contracts created on Mintology (applicable only if you already created another project with a dedicated contract).

Creating a project using API

Create a project using the Create Projects endpoint, this method of creating a project gives more options that can be customised.


  • URL: https://api.mintology.app/v1/projects
  • Method: POST


  "Api-Key": "YOUR_API_KEY"
Request Body:
  "name": "Your Project Name",  // required
  "description": "Description of your project",  // required
  "mint_limit_per_address": 10,  // optional
  "contract_type": "Shared",  // required
  "wallet_type": "Both",  // required
  "base_uri": "https://yourbaseuri.com",  // optional
  "contract_name": "YourContractName",  // required if contract_type is "Dedicated"
  "symbol": "YCN",  // required if contract_type is "Dedicated"
  "royalty": 10,  // optional
  "total_supply": 100,  // optional
  "contract_address": "0xYourExistingContractAddress",  // optional
  "owner_address": "0xYourAddress",  // required if contract_type is "Dedicated"
  "network": 1,  // required
  "chain": "eth"  // required


  "project_id": "your-project-id"

-> Replace parameter description parts


Upon successful project creation, you'll receive a response containing the project_id, which is crucial for further interactions with the Mintology API.

  "project_id": "your-project-id"

Creating a project using Dashboard:

You can also create a project though the Mintology web app.

Using Mintology

With a project created, you can now proceed to do any of the following, you can follow the recommended flow in the given order: