NFT Metadata

NFT Metadata

IMPORTANT: Please note that NFT Metadata endpoints work on tokens already minted on the blockchain, for premit NFT please refer to Premint endpoints.

What it is?

Use the NFT metadata endpoints to update your NFT metadata. The metadata is publicly accessible from this URL schema:{projectId}/{tokenId}

How to use the API

Update NFT Metadata endpoint alters NFT metadata encompassing details like token name, image, animation_url, etc. You will need the Project ID and Token ID of the NFT metadata you want to update.

  • URL:{projectId}/metadata/{tokenId}
  • Method: PUT
  • Important: Make this call from the back-end.

Path Parameters:

  • projectId (string, required): Your project ID found on your dashboard.

Body Parameters:

  • metadata (object)
    • name (string, required): Name of the item.
    • image (string, required): URL to the image of the item (350 x 350 recommended).
    • animation_url (string, optional): URL to a multimedia attachment for the item.
    • description (string, optional): A human-readable description of the item (Markdown supported).
    • attributes (array of objects, optional): Attributes for the item.
    • title (optional, string): Title of the NFT, used for listing the item for sales.
    • subtitle (optional, string): Short description or subtitle of the NFT, used for listing the item for sales.

Example Request (Node.js):

const axios = require('axios');

async function updateNFT() {
  const response = await
      metadata: {
        name: 'Unique NFT',
        image: '',
      headers: {
        'Api-Key': 'Your API Key',